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HADIA Centre for Social Excellence

Hadia initiated its dream project in 2015 named Centre for Social Excellence (CSE) at Panakkad to facilitate quality enhancement of the society in varied fields.The Centre constitutes of departments like Darul Hikma, Book Plus, Media line, Institutional Empowerment, Resource Hub and Socio-Psycho clinic. CSE supervises promising projects and campaigns like ideological and comparative study, research, women education, Mahallu empowerment and education for the new converts to Islam. Turning to the social aspects of the field work, it also conducts programs such as moral enlightening for migrant workers in Kerala, institutional empowerment, moral and career projects for high school students, publishing books, preparing media resource persons, civil service training, running moral schools and model villages in various Indian states.


To be a global centre known for intellectual leadership and committed for holistic empowerment of the Society.


Our Mission is to empower the contemporary society by mobilizing resources and taking initiatives that promote educational, economic and intellectual growth and by ensuring social integration through innovative means.