An Alumni with a Purpose

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About Us

Darul Huda Islamic University is a significant intellectual initiative from Kerala that focuses on the enrichment, dissemination and propagation of values through religious and material education. During thirty-three years since its establishment, Darul Huda has taken a number of promising steps in this regard. It has established educational institutions in various regions, including Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka and Maharashtra, and aims to extend its services to the other Indian states also.

HADIA is the alumni association of Darul Huda Islamic University, which has more than 3,000 members so far and operates in 14 Indian states. The association is committed to the holistic development of minorities, who stand for the interests of the country even in the face of crisis. HADIA aims to achieve this goal by educating the new generation and ensuring their creative involvement in the nation building process.

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Our Vision

Hadia envisions a global community of positive societal impact through educational excellence, cultural enrichment, and community well-being reflecting the values of the Alma Mater.

Our Mission

To promote the community development and advance the fundamental objectives of the Darul Huda by fostering the alumni engagement; to inspire them to support the university.

Our Core Values



Community First


Our Journey


Founding Of Hadia


Hadia Moral Schools started in Andhra Pradesh


Inauguration of Hadia Centre for Social Excellence


Started Book Plus Publishers


Collaboration with Samastha Kerala Jam'yathul Ulama


Starting of Qurthuba Institute of Academic Excellence


Started Oxford Public School in Assam


Introduction of Hudawi Empowerment Cell

Alumni Council and Executive Board

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Umarul Farooq Hudawi
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Dr. Haris KT Hudawi
General Secretery
Abdul Qadir Hudawi
Rahim Hudawi
Working Secretery
Umar Hudawi
Vice President
Sayyid Shakir Hudawi
Vice President
Swalih Hudawi
Vice President
Suhail Hudawi
Organizing Secretery
Noufal Hudawi
Organizing Secretery
Shuhaib Hudawi
Joint Secretery
Ajmal Hudawi
Joint Secretery