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The Hadia Center for Social Excellence (CSE), established in 2015 and located in Panakkad, is a dedicated center of excellence initiated by Hadia. Focused on the upliftment of minorities in India, CSE places a strong emphasis on education as a catalyst for growth and a solution to existential challenges. CSE is committed to promoting studies and research, taking proactive steps in publishing, actively engaging in media, implementing social empowerment projects, developing essential human resources, and fostering the restoration of mental health within society. CSE envisions becoming a beacon of positive change, addressing multifaceted challenges faced by minorities in India through a comprehensive and integrated approach. By adhering to its mission and criteria, CSE strives to create a lasting impact, fostering growth, empowerment, and societal well-being.

Project Highlights

Cultural Legacy Illuminated

CSE's commitment to preserving and enhancing the educational legacy of Kerala Muslims is highlighted through intensive studies and research. By illuminating cultural heritage, we contribute to a rich tapestry of knowledge, fostering understanding and appreciation

Empowerment Initiatives

CSE's National Interventions department implements inclusive initiatives informed by thorough studies. These interventions aim to positively impact communities at the national level, fostering unity and inclusivity.

Empowering Institutions

The Institutional Empowerment department at CSE introduces innovative programs globally, focusing on education, skill development, and community well-being. This initiative aims to create a global nexus for empowerment and upliftment.
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