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Hadia's commitment to providing basic religious education in isolated and backward Muslim villages expanded beyond Kerala with the initiation of the National Education Project. The primary objective is to ensure every Muslim child receives fundamental religious education before reaching adulthood. The National Education Project, initiated in 2012 at Darulhuda Andhra Center, Punkanur, Chittoor district, has proven to be highly effective. Currently, with 13 regional offices supporting the project, Hadia is making significant strides in providing essential religious education to the youth.

Project Highlights

Expansive Reach

Hadia's National Education Project has established 2500 Hadiya Moral Schools across 14 states. This widespread initiative reaches isolated Muslim villages, impacting the lives of 42356 students.

Team of Experts

With a dedicated team consisting of 1218 teachers, 56 muftis, and 24 coordinators, Hadia ensures the effective implementation and supervision of the project.

Holistic Education Plan

Beyond moral schools, Hadia's national education plan encompasses the establishment of model mahalls and the empowerment of madrassas, contributing to a comprehensive educational strategy.
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