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Dubai HADIA, an extension of the esteemed Darul Huda Islamic University alumni organization, has been actively serving the community in Dubai since its inception in 2005. With a core focus on social, cultural, and educational initiatives, Dubai HADIA stands as a beacon of positive change, fostering community development in Dubai and beyond. Considering the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai city, HADIA decided to collaborate with similar organizations to promote a value based education in Dubai and across UAE, aiming to provide a comprehensive Islamic education program in English language to children aged 5 years and above and to various expatriate Muslim communities living in Dubai who do not have access to Islamic education.

Project Highlights

Community Engagement

Dubai HADIA actively engages with the local community, organizing and participating in events that promote cultural exchange, social cohesion, and community welfare.

Educational Outreach

Committed to education, Dubai HADIA collaborates with like-minded organizations to provide a comprehensive Islamic education program in English. This initiative targets children aged 5 years and above, catering especially to expatriate Muslim communities without access to Islamic education.

Global Impact

Beyond its local presence, Dubai HADIA has a global outlook, contributing to social, cultural, and educational initiatives worldwide. The organization strives to create a positive impact on a global scale
Dubai Hadia