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At the heart of rural development in the North East States of India, Qurtuba Welfare Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and education since its establishment on May 25, 2021. As a registered Section 8, not-for-profit organization , our mission is to empower underserved communities through quality education and meaningful initiatives. Drawing inspiration from the leaders of HADIA, Darul Huda Islamic University, and Samastha Kerala Jam’iyyathul Ulama, our foundation is grounded in values and guided by the pursuit of knowledge.

Project Highlights

Qurtuba Institute of Academic Excellence: Nurturing Futures

The Qurtuba Institute of Academic Excellence is a hallmark of academic rigor and character development. With a unique 10-year program starting from the 6th class, we emphasize languages, moral practices, arts, and professional courses. The institute aims to produce well-rounded graduates ready to make a positive impact in various fields.

Shareeath Colleges: Enhancing Islamic Education

Under Qurtuba affiliation, Shareeath Colleges elevate the academic standards of Madrasas in the Seemanchal Region. Offering a comprehensive 3+2+2 program, these colleges provide graduates with unique opportunities to excel in teaching, Islamic learning center management, prayer leadership, and specialized study in Islamic Shareeath.

Kafil Edu Village: Care and Education for Orphans

The Kafil Edu Village initiative addresses the needs of orphans in the Seemanchal Region. From ages 3 to 18, we provide care, education, and accommodation. Widows are appointed for the younger age group, while older orphans are enrolled in public schools with all expenses managed by the Kafil Office, ensuring a bright future for these children.
Qurthuba Foundation